Dolly Dagger (chisam87) wrote in nerds_of_morse,
Dolly Dagger

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ho humm *stumbles across nom*

I'm gonna pretend that this community isn't dead and just post...

So I'm looking at all the interests I have on my user info page..I would like to add that some of my interests are really quite stupid and you can tell I haven't modified them since I added them, which was like 2 years ago. Anyway, I clicked on morse because a TRUE morse nerd would have morse on their interests and...get this...the only 2 communities that have morse on their interests is duh, nerds of morse and YALE!! wow. They're probably referring to the inventor but hey that's ok.

That's my random story...

Congrats to Sam Daly who is not only a graduate of samuel morse but also, as of late, a graduate of rufus king.

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