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looooooook what I got!!!!!!!!

yes, I know it took me more than a month to post these pictures! forgive me! I've been super busy! welpers some people joined this community and that's cool! POST! one of them I have no idea who they are! lol, mmk I'm out. going to do my hwmk like a good Morse NERD! hehehe I love u guys!

haha I'm kinda clingy in these next 3 pics cause I haven't seen these gurls in 2 years so yeah! I have a reason! *hmmph*

the wonderful moderators of this community! me and Angel! YAY!

me and Allie! I love her!! had some serious style going on that day!

me and Eva! haha aww she has her french newspaper in the pic! LOL! Science of Fitness rulez!

awww all four of us together!!! this pic makes me all teary. good times, good times. heh, I just noticed that both me and Angel bare our midriffs in this pics. oooo baby.

all four of us including Jenny and Madeline. about that pose.....yeah....

cute cute!!

p.s. haha forgot to mention, these are pics when I came to visit milwaukee for oh about half an hour! not enough time but next summer it'll be like 2 weeks! oh and i'll visit more people too!
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