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hey morse faithfuls!! what's up? Just Francesca checkin in on my baby. hhaha, not really. So I guess most of u guys know that I'm in chicago! two hours away from Milwaukee(wink, wink). haha, I really have to start planning that. a few entries back we were talking about the awesome MR. GUNDER! woo haha, he was great! All of his costumes and such. I remember he was giving us this really boring slide show but he actually made it funny like saying that the rhino couldn't get the birds off it's back cause he couldn't reach them!!!! hahahhaha....don't know how i remember that. anywho, weren't angel and eva and me in the same class? good times. oh guys, if you wanna add some interests to the interests list just comment what u want in there and then me and angel will add it in! coolness. haha, angel already added some stuff about wood shop. mr. napierala haha...not much to say about him. I still have my napkin holder! and my wooden lamp! oh and Eva is with us now! yay! wouldn't be a morse nerd community without her! :P It seems like another person wants to join===> lovekonstantine I'm kinda slow but I have no idea who u are. could u comment and tell us who you are, favorite memory, class, and how you're connected with morse?! thanx! then we'll add u right away! :)
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