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leaving tomorrow!!!!!!

welp guys this is it. At the ungodly hours of 3 am tomorrow I shall be heading to Chicago! man, that's really early considering I wake up at like..ohh...11! oh welpers. I'm just going to wake up, get outta bed, get into the car, and go back to sleep. LOL! I feel like I'm getting farther from you guys but actually I'm only 2 hours away from you Milwaukee people!! YAY! I shall see all my morse nerds!! I don't know if I will be able to get on the internet but I'm sure that Angel will be a cool moderator! make sure when sema and eva get back they join! mmk?! ok here goes another memory before I go! hmm....being in orchestra in 8th grade with Angel! haha, we totally were sucking up to Miss. O. hahhaa and we were first violins! woop! oh yeah and when I went to Chicago with mrs. ellis's science class! remember stephie? and we were taking pics along the lakeside with jessica lyon and jami w. good times good times.

k guys hopefully i'll cya later ;)
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